Near-miss report

Why are we doing this?

This is an easy way to keep the authorities informed of cyclist-intolerant drivers and of safety issues caused by poor roading design or signage.

It is hoped that this action will lead to:

  • improvements to the road environment in the Kapiti region
  • alerting some drivers that their driving habits are endangering the lives of others
  • improving driver awareness of cyclists.

What will we do with the information?

We will forward the information to the land transport authority.

If you have had a 'near-miss' with a car, take action: let us know.

Please email us at kapiticycling (at) with the following details:

  • Where did it happen?
  • When? (weekday, date, time)
  • Registration no. & make & colour of car
  • Details of what happened:
    Which number best describes what happened to you?
    1. A driver overtook me and turned left cutting me off
    2. A driver overtook me too close
    3. A driver came out from a side road and I had to brake to avoid an accident
    4. A driver turned right into the left lane of a side road
  • Other details:
  • Did the driver stop?
  • Your name and contact details

Send your email to us at kapiticycling (at)

An online form is in development. We appreciate your email in the meantime.