Appendix 3: Cycleways/walkways/bridleways Working Group details

Cycleways/walkways/bridleways working group
Terms of reference

Kapiti Coast District Council

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Fields of Activity

  1. To develop a strategy for cycleways, walkways and bridleways within the Kapiti Coast District in consultation with key community groups, advocacy groups, relevant agencies and other interested parties.
    • The strategy will need to adequately meet the requirements and desires of intended users.
    • It will need to be consistent with key community values.
    • It will need to have a clear vision, a set of objectives, and measurable targets.
    • The strategy must also include the fundamental elements such as encouragement, enforcement, engineering and education (often referred to as the 4 E's).
  2. Initiate and contribute to the development of a preferred network for cycleways, walkways & bridleways within the District.
  3. Provide advice to Council on cycling, walking & bridleways, including advice on policy and planning, design and standards, promotion and encouragement, education and enforcement.
  4. Provide comments/feedback on development/management plans, and other areas of interest, as appropriate.
  5. Initiate and contribute to a public education system.
  6. To provide feedback on a funding plan for the above.


The Cycleways/Walkways/Bridleways Working Group shall consist of:


Councillor Alan Tristram


Cr. Peter Ellis, Ardis O'Connor, Rick Schimpf, Mary Dobbie, Liz Mikkelsen, Chris Glover, Anna Carter, Andrew Francis, Penny Redward, Feriel Falconer, Anthony Dreaver, Anne Molineux.

Councillors, District and Regional Council officers, and representatives from other agencies will be invited to attend Working Group meetings. Their main role will be as technical advisors to the Group, rather than decision-making.

Note: If any of the Working Group members can not be present at a meeting, they can select someone else to stand-in for them.


The Working Group will report on a regular basis to the Council's District Development Committee.


A quorum at any meeting of the working group should be half of the Working Group members (or their chosen representatives).