About Kapiti Cycling Incorporated (KCI)

Kapiti Cycling Inc. is a voice for Kapiti Coast cyclists — we are a volunteer organisation representing cyclists of all ages and abilities who wish to cycle safely throughout the region. Our main thrust is as an advocacy group.

Our vision for the coast

Cycling to school, work and for leisure is an everyday activity on the Kapiti Coast

Our aims

  • To promote cycling as an intelligent means of transport
  • To encourage locals to cycle on all short trips within each town
  • To lobby for improved safer cycling facilities on the Kapiti Coast
  • To lobby for a separate coastal cycling link between towns on the Kapiti Coast.


Kapiti Cycling Inc. makes submissions to both the local council and Greater Wellington Regional Council as appropriate to ensure that cyclists are catered for in all areas where work is to be undertaken. This covers both on-road and off-road facilities.


Cycling Walking and Bridleways Working Group

Kapiti Cycling Inc. continues to contribute to the Cycling Walking and Bridleways (CWB) Working Group of the Kapiti Coast District Council. The CWB Working Group produced the CWB strategy published in 2006 which guided the council in developing provision for cycling, walking and bridleways. This strategy is currently under review.