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Report blackspots and cycling problems

KCI is in regular contact with the Kapiti Coast District Council, Wellington Regional Council (and NZTA too when required) regarding road safety issues and improvements.


If you know of any spots that you think could be a threat to cyclists please contact the KCDC service Line on (04) 296 4700 or email them on or fill in their on line Request for Service form – (follow their home page link/Contact Us)

Cycling in the news

New Plymouth CANDo 09Links to cycling-related stories in the media are listed below

August 2010

Paris gives pedal power the push

July 2010

$18.85m cycleway projects approved

What's on

There is often something happening in Kapiti - see contacts listed below - for rides etc. Also, check out the local papers, the Observer and Kapiti News for up to date information on races, tours and other upcoming events.

letters sent

This is a list or recent letters sent in conjunction with or by KCI:

Government roading policy and climate change
26-04-2007 sent to Minister Responsible for Climate Change Issues and Minister of Transport

Letter to parliament (26-04-2007)

Dear Minister Responsible for Climate Change Issues and Minister of Transport, Two important factors influencing the amount of greenhouse gases produced in a region are: (1) The total amount of travel done; and (2) The modal split (that is the relative number of journeys made using each of the different types of transport - bike/car/etc.). (Hickman and Watt, 2004; Anable et al 2005).

Kapiti Cycling Incorportated newsletters

KAPITI CYCLING Inc News Jan 2007

Happy New Year!

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Member leaving New Zealand

Farewell to Alison and Richard

The office end of cycle commuting

Miriam Richardson, 1 December 2006

Johanna from Hunt Davies Tennant Ltd

Where to put your cycle safely and easily when you get to work is a key issue in choosing to commute by cycle. The days of chaining your bike to a stand in the street ended when the cost of a good cycle rivalled that of a small car. And there are too many small and valuable parts on a bike: you can't chain them all.

Hefting bikes up stairs, contorting them into lifts, stashing them in cupboards: commuting cyclists have used many strategies to keep their bikes safe.

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