Negotiating Traffic

Basic safe, assertive cycle rules from experienced cyclists

  1. Know the Road Code. Most of it applies to cyclists as much as motorists.
  2. Cycle in the cycle lanes designated for your use.
  3. Cycle at least 1 m away from the curb (to avoid stormwater drains and avoid hitting the curb (in case you have to escape a car, truck or bus getting too close).
  4. Cycle at least 1 m away from parked cars (watch out for doors opening).
  5. Cycle in a straight line as much as possible (do not weave in and out between parked cars).
  6. Signal your intention to all traffic and pedestrians. (Left, Right and Stop).
  7. Make eye contact with other road users or look at the front wheel of the car.
  8. Change lanes safely by looking back, signalling and then changing quickly.
  9. Be alert to other road users failing to signal their intentions and be ready to brake with both back and front brakes.