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KAPITI CYCLING Inc News Jan 2007

Happy New Year!

Renew your membership now

Due to overload, reminders are late — Thank you to those of you who renewed at the AGM. We would really appreciate a speedy return either in the self-addressed envelope included or paid into our bank account.

Member leaving New Zealand

Farewell to Alison and Richard

Our faithful members Alison Payne and Richard le Mare are leaving to go back to England. Alison came to our very first workshop in 2002 and was a great contributor there and ever since. We are very sad to say goodbye to both of you but understand the pull and the need to support your family at this time.

A very big thank you Alison and Richards and all teh best for your life in England

Volunteer for Bike Week?

Bikeweek: 24 Feb to 4 March

Sadly, since we had no responses at all about help we had to say no to Bikewise for this promotion. However, if the Cycling Challenge video is ready for bike week we could show it at Coastlands and do a display there, we will need people to man it though…

Mark your dairy: Wed, 28 February

No doubt KCDC will put on their usual breakfast for cyclists and we hope that those of you who live in central district will help there in the early morning on Go by Bike Day.

College Cycling Promotion

Students cycle more than 300km


The two students Jordan and Kathy have by now cycled more than 300 km to and from school, to the shops, socially and to work. We think they are doing great and that BikeWise is doing well out of the $1,000 funding we have received. We also want to thank Cycletech New Zealand and Road Safety KCDC for their contribution of respectively $300 and $500 towards the video that is being produced. And finally but not least to Nigel Welch of On Yer Bike for letting us purchase the two bikes with all the equipment at cost.

We filmed Saturday & Sunday 9–10 December and have yet another day on 14 January. Then everything should be “in the can”.

Observer misses a great opportunity

The Observer interviewed Jordan and Kathy at the launch, but could not see their way to publishing such a positive pursuit by young people. Shortly after they published enough about youth suicide and smashing of windows etc.

Thanks go to Folkus Video, Ted Boorer and his marvellous helpers for documentary coverage and to Ben and Vaughn from Basement Productions, Kelburn, Wellington for the short film production during that weekend – full of laughter and fun and encouragement to budding stars.

Not to forget the extras: Neil, Dean and Peter who bravely donned costumes and acted when needed; and not least to Nicola Easthope who helped with casting & who took part and was there for support throughout. Also to Malcolm and Henry for stepping in when we had a cancellation. And George… Well we won’t divulge too much there…

Video under production

What happens next? Basement Productions will be editing and editing and editing and judging by what was filmed we will have a great promotion video including documentary footage and showing young people’s joy in cycling to college. We are aiming for school-start to show the video to year 9–10 assembly and generally celebrate cycling. A cycling trip to Pekapeka including all who took part is tentatively planned in February.

More: www.kapiticycling.org.nz

ChainLinks late!

This coming issue is the 10th anniversary issue for CAN. Due to a new format and contributor’s not sticking to deadlines, we have had our editor resign in the middle of the production.

CAN is setting up a new framework for publication of ChainLinks which should solve some of these problems. Our member Miriam Richardson has offered to do the next issue which hopefully will arrive during Bike Week.

CWB Action Plan & Budget

This is now out for 2007–10, please ask for a copy.

Cycleway-walkway Trust formation

Our member Jeremy Crowe became non-voting secretary and Penny Redward the representative from the CWB Group. Peter Ellis and the Mayor together with 4 Rotary members make up the rest of the Trust. We are informed that that it will be official and publicised soon.

Kapiti Cycling Core Group has a new chairperson

At our AGM on 20 September we had 8 members participating which equals ¼ of our membership so pretty good. Thank you to all who came. A big Thank You to Janet Macdonald for being acting chair for 4 years and your great work in that role. Neil continues as Treasurer and Liz was again elected Secretary. Nick continues as rep on the CWB Advisory Group and Janet as rep on the CWB Working Group.

Welcome to Lynn Sleath as deputy to Janet Macdonald on the CWB Working Group and to Miriam Richardson as deputy on the CWB Advisory Group.

And a big welcome to Jeremy Crowe as Chair.

KCI website has launched


Also thank you to Jeremy for setting up the website and taking part in the Cycling Challenge by getting Jordan and Kathy started on their online diary on the new website.

Thank you to Miriam for working on the website content. We are still asking for feedback on this. Your feedback will help us make it better.

Visit: www.kapiticycling.org.nz