Getting there - on foot, by cycle

The vision: A New Zealand where people from all sectors of the community walk and cycle for transport and enjoyment.

Getting there — on foot, by cycle is the Government's strategy to advance walking and cycling in New Zealand transport.

The Strategy has three important goals:

Problems on cycle paths

With a growing network of cycle pathways it is a job to keep track of what needs maintenance. This page keeps track of problems, and the impacts the problems have for cyclists.

Have you cycled one of these pathways recently and it has been fixed? Let us know

Have you had an accident or near accident on a cycle pathway due to pot holes or debri?
We would like to hear about it. We can pass your story on to the council or you can report it yourself. Email the council and us | Email us

Employers and schools: how to support cycling

Employers and schools: how to support cycling

Cycle safety and maintenance courses

Cycle safety and maintenance courses can open the way people to take up cycling

Kapiti Cycling would like to see these available throughout the region. If you can encourage your local college, school, church, or any other group, to set up a course for your members, let us know.

The Kapiti-Rotary Pathways Trust

The Kapiti-Rotary Pathways Trust, which is being formed 2006, is working towards the network of pathways that will open up commuting, recreational and tourist cycling, walking and horse-riding, throughout Kapiti.

Making Kapiti Road safe for cyclists

Kapiti Rd, Paraparaumu, has 3 black spots for cyclists, which discourage residents from commuting to work. Kapiti Rd between Larch St and Milne Rd No shoulder available for cyclists, walkers or mobility scooters. Rimu Rd roundabout to Ngahina St No shoulder available for cyclists, walkers or mobility scooters

Kapiti Coastal cycleway

The Kapiti Coastal Cycleway will connect Paekakariki to Otaki, along the beach and river banks.

Only parts of this route are curently accessible to cyclists, but not always sign-posted.

The Kapiti Coast District Council plans to complete the Coastal Cycleway, but the Greater Otaki Vision (Nov 2006) has lost sight of this.

Cycling Advocates Network (CAN)

Cycling Advocates Network (CAN) is New Zealand's national network of cycling advocates.  CAN works with government and local authorities on behalf of cyclists, for a better cycling environment.

Find out about CAN here.

Information for cyclists

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